Distributed Power Generation and Urban Energy Systems

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Industrial Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Climate and Weather Impacts on Building Energy Performance

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Indirect Environmental Impacts of Grid Electricity

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  • Reducing emissions, direct and indirect, related to building operations
  • Reducing emissions and water consumption & withdrawals with the use of distributed energy resources
  • Modeling water consumed and withdrawn for thermoelectric power generation by location
  • Impacts of increased penetration of renewable power generation on water resources

Thermal Energy Storage

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  • Computationally efficient TES device models for integration with building energy simulations
  • Assessment of potential benefits in conjunction with distributed generation systems

Combined Heat and Power

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  • Site and source energy use, emissions, and economics of CHP/CCHP systems

Pressure Retarded Osmosis Salinity Gradient Power Generation

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Decoding Building Behavior with Data-Driven Techniques

  • Predicting building energy use with machine learning techniques
  • Deep learning methods for pattern recognition in energy demand profiles

Integration and Valuation of Alternative Energy Systems under Uncertainty

  • Levelized Cost of Energy for emerging power generation technologies
  • Uncertainty quantification and mitigation
  • Sensitivity to system design parameters

Multiobjective Optimization of Energy Systems

  • Food processing facilities
  • District energy systems
  • Microgrids